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The King Amendment, which has been added to the House version of the U.S. Farm Bill, would nullify state laws protecting animals. Please contact Sen. Coates (202) 224-5623, Sen. Donnelly (202) 224-4814, and your U.S. Representative, and ask them to strike down the King Amendment, before the Senate and House vote on the Farm Bill this month.

There perhaps has never been a more urgent need to call our elected officials. Right now, the House farm bill contains language that could nullify state laws protecting millions of animals. Written by notoriously anti-animal Iowa Republican Congressman Steve King, it would put our laws banning puppy mills, horse slaughter, shark finning, dog meat sales, and gestation crates (and dozens more) all in jeopardy. Yes, that’s the same Congressman King who waged a battle against a bill that would’ve made it a crime to take kids to dog fights. In Indiana, the King Amendment could nullify the state laws we worked so hard to pass to protect puppy mill dogs!

The House and Senate versions of the farm bill are about to be combined via a Congressional conference committee. While the House version has the King language, the Senate version does not. It’s key that we make sure the King segment is dropped prior to the final bill being approved.

Please call your Senator and Representative to ask that they actively press the farm bill conference committee to drop the King amendment. Click here for their name and office phone number:


On Thursday, November 14, at 5:30 p.m., The Sierra Club and the South Bend Museum of Art will host a joint fundraiser and exhibition reception. The guest speaker is Mark Pohlad, Ph.D., Dept. of Art & Architecture, DePaul University. Libations and hors d'oeuvres will be served in the Carmichael Gallery. Tickets are $25 and are available on-line at the Hoosier Sierra Club site or by calling 574-235-5968, or at the door. The Museum of Art is located at 120 South St. Joseph Street, South Bend, IN 46601, located inside Century Center in Downtown South Bend. Parking is available in the Century Center lot for $5 or free on adjacent streets.

Ansel Adams' photography has nurtured the environmental movement and preservation of wilderness in the US since the 1930s. The South Bend Museum of Art is thrilled to present Ansel Adams, Masterworks as the 7th in its American Series of exhibitions, featuring 48 works by America's most celebrated landscape photographer.

Guest speaker Mark B. Pohlad, Ph.D. Associate Professor of art history at DePaul University, is a scholar on the history of photography and on American Art. He has published on the masters of black and white photography, and has taught seminars on outdoor photography.

Don't miss this opportunity to see these incredible images, mingle among friends and learn more about the man who championed the cause of wilderness preservation through his art. Proceeds of this event support programming at Sierra Club and the South Bend Museum of Art.

This exhibition was organized by the Turtle Bay Exploration Park, Redding, CA.

Exhibition tour management by Landau Traveling Exhibitions, Los Angeles, CA.

Michiana members voted to change Michiana Sierra from a "Group" to a "Committee" several years ago. This allows us more flexibility in our meeting and outing schedule, without having to maintain our own executive committee, regional newsletter, or balloting costs. Communication will be by email or the Hoosier Chapter newsletter, The Indiana Sierran. We look forward to continuing our work on environmental issues and co-sponsoring and supporting community and eco-friendly projects with other local organizations. Please check the state newsletter and the Michiana/Hoosier Chapter websites for listings, news, and action alerts. For more information contact David Maidenberg, (317) 822-3750.

Be sure to review the state website for lots of information about programs, events, and news.

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