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Hiking at Turkey Run & other Indiana sites

After hiking at Turkey Run State Park for just a few minutes, it is as if we have been transported to another time. Large rock formations jut skyward on each side, some extending overhead. Moss covers large segments. Small trees poke out of cracks.... (4/19/09)

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Outrage pays off: The White River is cleaner

The White River hasn’t looked this good in years — in 100 years, its advocates say — and more progress is imminent. .... (4/19/09)

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City's environmental effort gets boost

The city’s Republican administration is getting green from a prominent Democratic family to support an environmental initiative ranging from energy-efficient city buildings to bicycle paths. The McKinney Family Foundation has created a fund to support initiatives of Mayor Greg Ballard’s 3-month-old Office of Sustainability.... (1/17/09)

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Studies show high mercury levels in SE Indiana

Rain and snow that fall near a cluster of coal-burning power plants in southeastern Indiana are laced with some of the highest concentrations of atmospheric mercury in the nation, a new federal study has found. (1/12/09)

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Mercury pollution: More is less?

Once again the Daniels administration has opted to protect the financial interests of polluters at the expense of public health. The most recent evidence was the Indiana Air Pollution Control Board’s (APCB) 11-1 vote at its Oct. 3 meeting to adopt the minimum federal Clean Air Mercury Rule.... (10/10/07)

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